Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adoption Awareness Month

November is Adoption Awareness Month! It was five years ago this month that God began laying on my heart that adoption was the path he wanted us to take to become a family.

I was reading Jen's blog this morning and was reminded of what a responsibility those of us who declare ourselves "Pro-Life" have. It's one thing to say, "Yes, I'm pro-life!" It's easy to say that the killing of the unborn is horrific. It's easy to say something should be done. But until you've touched the fingers and toes of a child saved from abortion, you don't really know how horrific it is!

Jen blogged about the crisis pregnancy center and adoption agency that her mom works for. This is the same agency through which we adopted Emma Leigh. How thankful I am that places like this exist to assist moms in crisis. How thankful I am that women like Cindy make themselves available to young ladies who find themselves scared and alone. How thankful I am that New Life was there when Em's birthmom had a choice to make about the life growing inside of her.

And even now, we are praying for the next child that God will place in our home. We are praying for the birthmom that may even now be struggling with a life-changing decision. We are praying that God will provide the funds for us each month as we walk down this adoption road again. Will you pray with us? Will you pray for the unborn children whose lives depend on the loving choice of a birthmom to choose adoption?

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Miss Emma Leigh is so lucky to have such wonderful parents. My how big she is getting!