Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Everday

It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone! Emma Leigh began asking as we drove to my in-law's on Christmas day before noon, "Is Christmas over?" Sadly, I responded, "After tonight it will be." But then I felt a child-like pang in my heart. Why does it have to be over? Even as an adult I want the magic and celebration to last forever.

My greatest joy at Christmas comes from giving. I'm not saying that to sound pious, but I trully LOVE giving to family, friends, and even those who don't know who their gifts are from. I love seeing someone's eyes light up when they open a gift that they've really been wanting. I love hearing my cutie pie neice say, "Oh! It's what I've always wanted!" I loved this Christmas hearing the excitement in Em's voice as we opened the bedroom door into the living room to see what Santa brought her. So I too felt a little sad that Christmas would be coming to an end soon.

And then it hit me. The gift of Christmas isn't over! Christmas is a beginning! We've just celebrated the birth of a Savior; our Messiah; the Promised One; EMMANUEL! His presence is with us everyday. We may not have the house decorated with gingerbread houses, angels, and all the Christmas trim for very long, but we do have Jesus in our hearts. He IS with us!

Bryan sings a song called Christmas Everyday that was his grandmother's favorite. It reminds us not to put away Jesus when we put away all the Christmas trim. Lord, help us to remember that it can be Christmas everyday.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Fun

We spent yesterday evening at Joley and Jerry's with a bunch of friends, and we had the best time! I'm so thankful that God has placed such great friends in our lives! Emma Leigh had fun playing with Olivia, Addiley, Brinley, and Taylor. Bryan and I enjoyed playing games with the big people and laughing like we haven't laughed in a long time!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Since two days before Thanksgiving, God has placed so many hurting, lonely people in my path. I've talked with a sweet young lady who is trying her hardest to overcome a tainted past. Our family has befriended and helped a young man recently released from prison who longs for companionship and friendship. A good friend related to me last week the financial crisis that she and her family have found themselves in. Another sweet friend is struggling through major health problems, an ailing mother, and a general feeling of despair. We have begun ministering to a family in the community surrounding our church where three children, three adults, and five dogs live in a fifth-wheel trailer. A dear, sweet young man that we are friends with is faced this December with what should have been his second wedding anniversary but is instead the first anniversary of the day his wife walked out of their marriage.

It seems that each direction I turn I see pain and hopelessness. At one time, the entire Christmas season brought me sadness and loneliness, but God has shown me that in Him I can have joy. And besides giving me what my heart desired most--a baby--He has shown me that the greatest gift He gave was His son.

This past week's Bible lesson in my classroom happened to be that Christ was human. What a great time of year to talk about the humanity of Jesus! He was completely God, and He was totally human at the same time. He cried like any other baby. He had to be fed like any other baby. He laughed and cooed just like any other baby. Yet He was God become flesh. God walking among the people. God with us. Emmanuel.

In the past couple of years, God has shown me more and more what Emmanuel really means. It's God with people! It's God loving the creation made in His image enough to come and live among them. It's the creator of the universe humbling himself to bring hope to a lost and dying world.

In a time when so many feel lonely, depressed, neglected, unloved, forgotten, and miserable we have the hope of Emmanuel. God is with us! God is with you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

As we drove home from Mrs. Lydia's today, I realized it wasn't freezing rain that was hitting the windshield. It was snow!!!! It was so beautiful as it fell! As soon as we got home, we ran to the front yard to play! What a great little Christmas gift from God!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's a Small World Afterall...

For those of you who know me well, you know I am a self-proclaimed blog addict! I wouldn't say I'm technically addicted, but I am extremely fascinated with blogs and the connections that people have. I totally believe in that whole six degrees of separation theory. So follow me on this trip through blogland.

I follow a blog by a girl named Jennifer Woolley. I've never met her, but I found a link to her blog on Cindy Seay's blog. Cindy works at our adoption agency New Life, and we just love her! I follow Jen's blog because she and her husband are dealing with fertility issues--like we did.

So the other day I was reading her blog and saw a link to a blog called The Moores. I thought to myself, "Hmmm. Moore is a very common name, but wouldn't it be strange if these Moores were related to Martha Jane Moore that I teach with?" So I clicked the link. It took me to a beautiful family with a precious baby girl and pictures of yep, you guessed it, Martha Jane and her family! From there I linked to two of her other children where I got to see pictures of all her new grandbabies!

Excitedly I related this story to Martha Jane on Tuesday, and she told me that Jennifer and her husband were in the same Sunday School class with her son and daughter-in-law at First Baptist Houston. She also told me that Jen's husband is named after the pastor of the church where we both work because their families were good friends before moving to the area.

I just think this proves that we live in a much smaller world than we think! And we never know how God is going to place people in and around us! Happy blogging!