Monday, May 31, 2010


We received word on Saturday morning that a dear friend of ours had left this world and gone to be with her Heavenly Father. She had fallen and broken her hip nearly a month ago, and in very similar circumstances to my grandfather, had been in ICU on a ventilator.

For the past couple of days, I've been reading on Facebook what others have posted about her influence in their lives. One sweet friend talked about the ripple-effect that her prayers and life had. Another spoke of the five couples who are now serving in ministry positions because of her influence. I have tried to count them up, and I think I get six--Brian and Tiff; Josh and Erin; Eric and Donnell; Keith and Shawn; Alex and Nichole; Bryan and myself. I did not attend the church where Mrs. Pat attended, but I do remember her smiling face being at many, many youth camps that I attended. She had a heart for generations younger than her, and she faithfully served as a teacher and mentor to many girls my age.

The thought that continues to run through my mind though has to do with that ripple-effect. You see, Pat's youngest son and my husband were best friends. Bryan was raised in the Catholic church, but Pat's son John invited him to go to church with their family. I am certain that Mrs. Pat prayed for my husband's salvation, and as a result of her family's influence in his life, he became a Christian at the age of 14. He continued to attend church with this family and later on his own. Had it not been for the prayers of this godly woman, my husband may not have become the man he is today.

But the ripple goes farther than that. Because the churches we both attended years ago participated in events and activities together, we came to know each other, dated, and of course, ultimately married. And now we are raising our two girls to know and love the Lord. So Mrs. Pat's influence didn't stop with Bryan. It continues to move outward to our little family, and in time, it will move to the lives that our daughters touch. What a legacy!


Stormy said...

Exactly, she really did leave a legacy.
She was the first woman to disciple me after I became a Christian. Because of her strong faith, it made me want to have a stronger faith. The way she loved the Lord made me want to love Him more. I know she prayed for me and was ALWAYS there for me. And she prayed with me whenever I needed it. Because of her influence in my life and in my Christian walk especially at the beginning, I am a stronger Christian......and I LOVED her peanut butter cookies, they were the best!! She would always tell us girls "Dont worry, I prayed over them so they dont have any calories"! hahaha. I think about that every time i see a peanut butter cookie!

Tanci Foster said...

That is beautiful Hayley, I did not know that about Bryan and John. But if it was Mrs Pat that helped to lead Bryan to the man he is today, what a wonderful thing, because Bryan has had an influence on me growing up, as well you. My memory of my childhood is gone, but I always remember Mrs Pat sitting on her pew raising her hand to worship the Lord. She is/was a Godly woman that I will always remember in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Parker was one of a kind. I have such fond memories of John and Bryan's friendship and all of the time we all shared together growing up. Mrs. Parker was the glue to so many relationships throughout her life but mainly she was the glue between God and so many others. Haley, you used the word legacy which so many people fail to understand the importance of leaving a legacy behind. Mrs. Parker may not have known or actually intended to leave a legacy but her legacy will live on through the ripple effect for years and years to come. Thank you for remembering her on your blog. Much love. ~ Mel