Friday, September 19, 2008

Hurricane Ike

WHEW! We made it through the storm! Our power was just restored one hour ago. We were 10 hours short of being without it for 7 full days. We came away with very little damage at all. We had a large limb go through the roof of our storage shed, and our ONE big tree in the back yard lost half of its top. Other than many, many, many limbs and pine cones, we had very little to clean up. God has been SO gracious by giving us this cool, dry weather!

With the power out and the days so cool, we've spent a lot of time outside this week. On Tuesday--I think--I took Emma Leigh for a wagon ride through the neighborhood. I looked at our neighbor's homes and yards and thought, "What a mission field this is!" I stopped and talked to neighbors I have never met, and because of the circumstances, I caught glimpses into their lives that I may otherwise never have. In many ways Ike was a blessing around here. God has provided opportunities for us to serve and even pray with some of our neighbors.

I think about the verse that says God works all things for His good! Thank you Lord for your goodness!

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The Wilks Family said...

Thank God you guys weren't hurt and your house is in one piece. I'm glad you are able to reach out to your neighbours through Ike. We heard Brother Tommy had a nasty fall, we are still praying for him, please let him know.