Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ahhhh! It's Fall!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! The cooler weather, the drier air, the smell of leaves burning, the glow of orange pumpkins, the new wreath on my door--these all get me in the mood for Fall! And despite the fact that the leaves on most of our trees here in Texas don't change beautiful shades red, orange, yellow, and brown, we get to experience the colors in Fall decorations. I decorated the front porch with a big basket, pumpkins, leaf garlands, and our smiling jack-o-lanterns today. I also put out my Fall candles and decorations inside the house today.

Four years ago at this time we were anxiously awaiting the birth of our baby. We had met her birthparents on September 21st and then we'd met again to discuss what we'd name her. We had planned to meet once more for dinner, but Emma Leigh was ready to come into the world! We spent two wonderful days at the hospital with her birthfamily before she was born and then three days after she was born. It was a time filled with emotions--ups, downs, higher ups, and lower downs! But we wouldn't trade that time for anything!

I think that God gives us Fall to prepare us for the dreary Winter that is to follow in the same way that He gave us such special days at the hospital before the day that was so difficult--the day we brought Emma Leigh home. As we read her life book last night I was reminded of the raw emotion we felt that day. We were elated to be bringing her home, but her birthmom and birthgrandmother were hurting so deeply. We had celebrated Em's life and the joining of our families for four days, and then WHAM! Reality hit us! I grieved so much for Em's birthmom that morning. But then, just like God sends Spring after Winter, He gave me peace that day. I experienced love in ways that I never would have imagined--for Emma Leigh and for her birthmom.

So Fall reminds me of a time in our lives that was filled with absolute joy yet stinging pain; resounding jubilation yet throbbing heartache; and love beyond description. Beyond the colors, decorations, and smells this is what makes it my favorite time of year. Lord, help me never to forget the feelings from that day!

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Juli said...

I love that picture of Emma Leigh! Happy birthday, sweet girl!!