Friday, October 17, 2008


O.K. so Juli tagged me! And in the process she gave me a really awesome compliment. Thanks, Juli, I needed that this week!

So here's what I'm supposed to do...

1. Open my pictures folder.
2. Go to the sixth folder.
3. Open the sixth picture.
4. Import into my blog and tell the story.

The problem is, our computer crashed two weeks ago, and I have no picture file! I upload to Snapfish, so I'm going to do this from there!

Here's the picture...

We were at a back-to-school event for our church. We were at the home of one of our deacon's and his wife. They happen to live across the road from my parents, and I was best friends with their daughter from birth until high school. There were water slides, swimming pools, and lots of other kids. Em decided to play in the dirt, and the next thing I knew she was pouring water from buckets into the sand to make mud pies! As I sat and watched her, I realized that I too had made mud pies in the exact same spot as a child.

I love that Em likes to get dirty! She doesn't care if her clothes are wet or if her fingernails have dirt under them. She's not afraid to touch an wiggly earthworm, and she LOVES frogs, lizards, and geckos! She catches lizards and wants to keep them for pets. Last Sunday night after church, she found a toad in the grass. We both held it and squealed as it peed on us! Then when it was time to go, she cried--from a broken heart--that we couldn't take it home with us! She kept saying, "Froggy! My froggy!" I LOVE THAT!!!

Thanks for tagging me Juli! Let's see...I think I'll tag Natalie and Nichole.

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