Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year

We spent New Year's Day with my family at my parents' house. My sisters Amy and Melissa were both there. Amy is expecting her first baby in July, and Melissa has three kiddos. Cason, the oldest, was home with pneumonia, but Cali and Kenli got to be there with us.

Emma Leigh loves playing with her cousins, and the weather was so nice for them to be outside. Bryan got out the wagon and they spent a really long time riding in it and pulling each other up and down the driveway. Just look at those smiling faces!
Super Fast Fun
Cali and Kenli
Emma Leigh
Kenli, Cali, and Emma Leigh


Sharon said...

Hi, I am Jennifer Woolley's mother-in-law and I found you through a comment on Jenn's blog. It truely is a small world! Rusty Walton was our pastor at FBC Bridge City. I was on the search committee that brought him to our church and I was pregnant at the time with our Rusty.

I enjoyed reading your blog and I, too, love to give. That is my favorite part of Christmas. Jenni is very giving, too. She recreated some items that my husband and I lost in Ike. You probably saw the silhouettes she did on her blog and she a book that I had made for my grandmother's 90th birthday and redid it for me. She is an amazing young lady.

Hayley said...

I talked with "Dr. Walton" as we call him the other day, and he made mention of the fact that you were on the search committee that called him to Bridge City! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Hey miss Hayley. cool blog. I really appreciate all you did for me in 4,5, and sixth grade.